This is a seven week group project (from pre- to postproduction) by six master students from the NCCA Bournemouth University 2016.

ClientNCCA 7week group project
Date2016 April
I was responsible for:
Lighting, Shading, Rendering, Compositing, Grooming, Project Management. It was a great project to work together with 5 other NCCA students for 7 weeks

Behind the Scenes:

The Crew:
Felix Benning – Directing, Rigging, Animation, Compositing (
Anna Glover – Concept Art, Prop Modelling, Character/Environment Texturing, Matte Painting (
Davide Pieropan – Character-Design, Character-Modelling, Character-Texturing, Character-Shading (
Karen Wood – Storyboarding, Layout, Animation, Graffiti Design, Sound Design (
Paris Marin – Animation, Prop Modelling, Texturing, Graffiti Design, Matte Painting (