MA Graduation Short

MA Graduation short movie about a knight and a cute little dragon in the forest...

ClientBourenmouth University NCCA
Date(expected) 2016 August

My Masters Diploma short movie is in development, here some sneek peak sketches and tests…
I am responsible for Lighting, Rendering, Shading, Compositing and Environment Design – Modelling (shared)!

The crew: Daniel Seagar (Rigging, Anim), Meren Imchen (Character Design, Rigging, Anim), Nikos Karydas (Rigging, Anim), Paris Taylor-Jones (Environment Design, Character Design, Modelling, Texturing, Concept Art), Renos Kontaris (Character modelling and texturing) and Me :)

Gallery (I did only the CG stuff, the sketches just to see the entire world and feeling…):


WIP pictures!