Lookdev/Light/Comp Artist Reel 2020 SPRING.

2020 Showreel

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trailer
Senior/Key Lighting and Comp Artist. Lighting look development, hero shot lighting than sequence lighting, final compositing and final colour grading.

Love, Death and Robots: Secret War – Netflix
Lighting based on the hero/key light rigs from Lighting Supervisors. Finalizing compositing and grading in every shot. Technical troubleshooting and optimizations.

La Noria by Carlos Baena
Final lighting and compositing setups from scratch based on Carlos’ feedbacks and artistic supervision. Technical troubleshooting and optimizations.

League of Legends: Senna
Minor fx-lighting and technical lighting changes, final compositing/fx-compositing and colour grading to achieve the final look and mood in the shots.

Hey Deer!, award-winning Short Film
Personal short film, creating final look (lighting, comp, grading) and managing a team of talented artists. Technical troubleshooting and optimizations.

Darksiders: Genesis
Some final lighting changes (artistic and technical as well) to achieve the final mood, compositing and colour grading.

Call of Duty: WWII Cinematics
Lookdev, hero lighting, final compositing and final colour grading. Technical troubleshooting and optimizations.

GWENT Card Game Cinematic
Technical lighting setup to achieve a unique look of the card shots. Experimenting and doing final composited and colour graded shots.